Bank Account / Insurance

It is easy to get a bank account in Upper Austria.
At first you have to make an appointment with your customer advisor.
It is important to bring your passport with you, you will get your bank account number on the same day and one week later you are going to get your debit card and Internet banking access.
There will be your personal account executive that looks after your financial affairs.

Your salary account includes:

  • Cash dispenser card
  • Banking card including travel cancellation insurance
  • Electronic banking including a smart phone app in English

Various types of insurance

  • Household and private third party insurance, which covers damage to your property and any damage that you may cause to other people.
  • Vehicle insurance, which is mandatory in Austria and covers any damage that you may cause to other road users.
  • Accident insurance for your livelihood.
  • Health insurance.

Make an appointment with a customer advisor. They are looking forward to meet you and are pleased to assist you during your start in Austria